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Meeting Codes

C*Closed, Alcoholics Only
SSStep Study
BBBig Book Study
HHandicapped Accessible
GLBTGay / Lesbian
CCChild Care Available


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 *Please note that the Third Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous states: "The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking." In keeping with the traditions, only those with a desire to stop drinking may attend meetings designated as "CLOSED". All others are warmly invited to attend "OPEN" meetings. As of the last update there were approximately 207 meetings per week, including Spanish speaking meetings which are listed on this site, in the Santa Barbara area.




The Santa Barbara Area Intergroup Representative (IGR) has set the following guidelines to list your meeting in this directory.

  1. As a Group you are fully self-supporting.

  2. Your group's primary purpose is to help alcoholics recover through the Twelve Steps. From page 22 of the pamphlet - "The A.A. Group": The primary purpose of any A.A. group is to carry the A.A. message to alcoholics. Our A.A. group conscience, as voiced by the General Service Conference, has recommended that "family" meetings, "double trouble" and "alcohol and pill" meetings not are listed in our A.A. directories."

 NOTE: As stipulated by the Intergroup Representative (IGR), groups that do not meet these guidelines will not be listed and currently listed meetings found not in adherence will be removed.






We strongly suggest that everyone download the free mobile app Meeting Guide at your “play store” This mobile app is the ONLY mobile meeting directory that is linked to Central Office’s all over the US & Canada. The meeting content is updated twice per day at 12 & 12 (catchy). Central Office will update the directory as things change.


For more information about this app. Please click on the "link"below.


    URL: www.meetingguide.org




For more information about this app. Please click on the "link"below.


    URL: www.meetingguide.org




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