FAQ's - AA Birthday's, OB's Memorials and More


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If you have a question, chances are someone else has already asked it. So we will try and answer some of the basics.

1.  Group Contribution recommended "split" for this area:

        60% AA Central Office

        20% Hospitals & Institutions

         5% 23rd District General Service

         5% Central CA Area 93

        10% General Service Office - New York

To mail Group/Meeting Contributions, BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR GROUP NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION.  Please make check(s) payable to each organization as addressed to mail:

  AA Central Office, 1213 State St. Suite H, Santa Barbara CA 93101 

  Hospitals & Institutions, 1213 State St. Suite H, Santa Barbara CA 93101 

  General Service District 23,  PO Box 23416, Santa Barbara CA 93121

  *Central CA Area Assembly,  606 Alamo Pintado #140, Solvang CA 93463

  *General Service Office, PO Box 459 Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163

  *the GSO 6 digit group number, meeting name and day & time, must be included on the check.

    For General Service Office (GSO-New York) you can make contributions onlinehttps://ctb.aaws.org/


2.  Do non-alcoholics share at "open" meetings of AA? No. Non-Alcoholics are welcome to attend "open" meetings as "Observers" only.

3.  What is the "Birthday Plan"? The Birthday Plan started in Oklahoma City, February 28, 1954.  It was suggested that you send $1.00 (or more) to your Local AA Central Office for each year you have been Sober. This can be done by mail or from the www.santabarbaraAA.com website click on "Supporting Members".

4.  What are Faithful Fivers? Faithful Fivers are members that commit to sending between $5.00 and $20.00 per month to their AA Central Office.  This can be done by mail or from the www.santabarbaraAA.com website click on "Supporting Members".

5.  What are Supporting Members? Members that realize that the 7th Tradition is not enough to keep Central Offices doors open and carry the message to those that still suffer. This can be done by mail or from the www.santabarbaraAA.com website click on "Supporting Members".

Santa Barbara AA Central Office is a 501 3(c) and a registered Charity in the State of California.  In January of each year "Tax donation" letters are mailed to each Supporting Member, Faithful Fiver and Birthday Plan Participant, for the previous calendar year, as long as we have the email and or mailing address.

6.  Can I leave money in my Will to AA?: Yes, Santa Barbara AA Central Office will accept bequests up to $5,000.00

7.  If a loved one passes away can we ask for donations be sent to AA Central Office in their honor?: Yes, If a member passes on and the family would like ask for donations be sent in their honor, we don't have a problem with that. However, the donor would need to be a member. Here is a sample of an obituary that we believe addresses that concern.

       "Services will be private. In lieu of flowers, AA members please support your local office, 1213
State St., Suite H Santa Barbara, CA 93101. All others, please send donations
to ___________ in ________honor".